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make it rain!

dirtbombs do detroit techno

yuri landman

Yuri Landman in an experimental luthier who has made instruments for Sonic Youth, Liars and Half Japanese.

the hellacopters

The first real gig I ever went to was The Hellacopters at the hi-fi bar in about October 2000.
Marty and I went, I think it was the first gig we ever went to on a school night, and we were both pretty pumped. We both had a long hair at the time, down to about our shoulders, which turned out alright, cause it turned out everyone at the gig had long hair. I remember thinking that it was like being in Wayne’s World, which I was obsessed with at the time. The Hellacopters kicked ass, we got drunk, and had a massive night at cherry bar afterwards, it was awesome.

the chills – pink frost

amazing band, amazing song:

city slang

sonic’s rendezvous band

dungen – panda