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congrats Josie and Paul!

hard rain fallin

I started this weekend the same way I usually do, sitting around, drinking coffee and talking about life, only this time my friend pain came along as well. Before we knew it, what started as a minor disagreement had turned into a major argument which lasted the whole weekend. By the time Sunday night rolled around, he’d hit me in the lower right abdomen so hard that I was writhing around in agony, swearing my head off and unable to walk. ‘Round about this time, my other friend sense popped over to give some advice. “Get yourself to a hospital man, and don’t forget to take a good book because there’s going to be a lot of waiting around.”

So that’s exactly what we did.

About 15 shots of morphine and 3 hours later, my other friend appendix said his goodbyes for good, and took pain away with him. Often, all you want is a nice piece of ass, to listen to some good tunes and maybe a cold beer to wash it all down, but sometimes your friends have other plans for you…

not about sport

In 1971 Don King, promotor and publicity extraordinaire organised Rumble In The Jungle, a world heavyweight championship boxing fight in Zaire. Muhammed Ali went to the ropes and hardly came back for seven rounds, but still pounded George Forman to a knockdown. Purposefully allowing himself to be up against the ropes, Ali let Foreman throw punches ’till his opponent tired out. He may have paid for it with long term brain damage, but Ali won.

death on your doorstep

adam pyett - reflected skull

I arrived home from the city this afternoon to find a bunch of marked and unmarked police cars outside the apartment building. Inside, the foyer and corridors were swarming with police. I asked two guys in the lift if they knew what had happened. One told me that his brother lived in one of the apartments and that he had been calling for a week trying to get in touch, but there had been no answer. Today he came to the building to check on his brother, but there was no answer when he knocked on the door, even though from the courtyard he could see that the balcony door was open. After forcing his way into the apartment, he found his brother lying dead on the couch. He had been there for a week.

adam pyett - sunflowers

As I type this, there are police and detectives, with masks and forensic equipment in the apartment across the courtyard, trying to piece together what happened to this poor man.

adam pyett - thistle in a broken glass

A close-to-home reminder that life is short, and that death can be lurking on your doorstep.

adam pyett - skull