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don’t mention the war

Music Messe is an international trade fair for musical instrument, electronics and effects companies etc. which is held in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. In about 3 and a half hours I have to wake up and meet the guys from the guitar shop, we will then make the 600km drive to Frankfurt in a Volvo 240GL station wagon. We’ve been working late nights all week preparing this guitar just for the show. It’s called the Baron, loosely based on a Rickenbacker bass body shape, with fender contours on the back. The body and neck are African mahogany and the fret board is Brazilian rosewood. Check out the inlays and detail on the ebony binding! The patterns on the aluminium face, scratch plate and tail piece were etched in with acid today. It’s yours for a lazy 8,500 Euros.

Pictures of the finished guitar to follow soon.


yuri landman

Yuri Landman in an experimental luthier who has made instruments for Sonic Youth, Liars and Half Japanese.

new work

snow on the continental


bad politics baby!


peugeot with reynolds and risers

peugeot freewheel, reynolds 531 tubing, risers. the ultimate winter bike?