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not about sport

In 1971 Don King, promotor and publicity extraordinaire organised Rumble In The Jungle, a world heavyweight championship boxing fight in Zaire. Muhammed Ali went to the ropes and hardly came back for seven rounds, but still pounded George Forman to a knockdown. Purposefully allowing himself to be up against the ropes, Ali let Foreman throw punches ’till his opponent tired out. He may have paid for it with long term brain damage, but Ali won.


macular degeneration


miroslav sasek (judge a book… pt 4)

de gustibus non est disputandum

sunday afternoon in newtown

A drunk old man in a leather biker jacket harasses some girls in the park. “Bloody Sheilas! Bloody Sheilas! I wish I was a Sheila. I’d know how to have some fun!” He drives the girls away before riding away on a razor scooter, his long white beard flying about in the wind.
A minute later, a small girl cries out “Mum, I just saw a wizard!”

my paconi

I’m a few months late with this, and don’t really have the photos to do it justice, but here is my paconi:

80’s steel paconi frame made in braeside, reynolds 753 tubing, parts by fyxamatosis, nitto, mavis and cinelli, lovingly built by dan. It’s light, tight and fast. It’s freewheel.




flip the bird (judge a book… pt 3)

gerald durrel