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the little killers

awesome new york city garage punk rock’n’roll!

the little killers – volume

the little killers – spider

the boxer

heat death playing tonight at idgaff bar, hoddle st. abbotsford.

as he entered the room
everyone looked up
the girls and the boys
everybody was struck

the men looked down
the women drew a breath
the heavy weight boxer
was nothing but the best

everybody looked
as he walked to the bar
everybody shook
their heads at the star

a cocky grin and
a puffed up chest
and an ego that just
didn’t want to rest


everybody rolled their eyes in disgust
the heavyweight boxer talked himself up
the featherweight champ stared into his cup
and thought: DAMN, my rotten LUCK


so in the corner
quiet and free,
sat the featherweight man
drinking his his tea

this was the man
that the world forgot
and there was the champ
that he never was

he thought: not today,
not this way,
everybody thinks
i only i get in they way

the feather weight champ
he had enough
he thought: i’m gonna go
and beat this guy up.


a tap on the shoulder
lets take it outside
unless of course
you’ve got something to hide

i got to get something
off my chest
i’m gonna prove
you’re no better than the rest


well the heavyweight boxer
was less than impressed.
he said: alright,
lets make a mess

up down up down
all around
fists and cuffs
flying all around

inside, outside
with everyone around
call the police
there’s a mad man in town

but the featherweight champ
didn’t make a sound
while the heavyweight boxer
fell to the ground