my paconi

I’m a few months late with this, and don’t really have the photos to do it justice, but here is my paconi:

80’s steel paconi frame made in braeside, reynolds 753 tubing, parts by fyxamatosis, nitto, mavis and cinelli, lovingly built by dan. It’s light, tight and fast. It’s freewheel.





4 responses to “my paconi

  1. Hey Dom,

    Enjoying your blog dude! Are you still taking the art history subjects? That piece of writing was reading well, very insightful.

    Catch ya round.


    • Hey Al,
      Thanks man. Art history on hold for now… sorta lookin’ at my options right now.
      Looking forward to the exhibition. Any dates confirmed yet?

  2. sweet ride bud

    catch you soon


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